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Encounter Glossary

A reminder of what some of the Aethian words mean from the series

Aether – Inhabited planet. Located in the Phoenix Constellation, seventy-seven light years from Earth.

Andronia – Territory within Aether

Artem – Alien enhanced abilities

Bellator – Aethian Soldier

Celanthry – Technology used to freeze time for short periods in limited areas.

Conscientia – Intergalactic holy grail. Said to be all powerful and holds the secrets to the universe but existence and form is unknown.

Elapiente – Race of alien psychics. Have uncontrolled visions of future.

Fortis – Warrior

Ignis – Electric/lightening-style energy emitted from aliens through their hands

Orb of Tealon – Aethian artefact. Extremely potent

Pax Concordiaque – Peace treaty agreed between Syonia and Andronia

Syonia – Territory within Aether.

Zarriah 10 Alpha System (Z10) – Holographic-syle alien internet.