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Alliance #3

They. Are. Here.

Are you ready for it?

Just when things had settled down, the reappearance of Drayton has set everyone on edge, especially as he came with a fierce warning of the Greys.

“This isn’t just about survival anymore. This is about revenge.”
There was a fire in his voice which terrified me but, at the same time, that fire was the reason I believed he was right–we would make it through this, somehow.

The harder Eliza and Jack try to keep things on an even keel, the faster they seem to spiral out of control. And then events take a horrifying turn no one saw coming.

Their only chance is to join forces with past enemies, but can the alliance last long enough to defeat the Greys?

Only one thing is certain: Nothing will ever be the same again.

Out 2nd January 2018