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Hello, and welcome to my little home on the internet.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had stories and characters running through my mind and now I want to share them with you.

Joanna HomerSo far, my journey to realise my dreams has been so much fun and I am excited to share my stories. I hope you enjoy them, please give me a shout to say hi and let me know you thoughts and feelings. In the meantime, here are 100 things I love:

My Son, My Hubby, Bo My Basset Hound, Catching Up with the Girls, Nutella, The Beach, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, My Parents, My Bro, The Internet, Cadburys, Tea, Reading, My Bed, My Friends, Writing, The Walking Dead, Saturday Mornings, Springtime, My Iphone, My Kindle, Supernatural, Sunny Days, When Everyone in my house is asleep, My Macbook, British Soaps, A long hot soak in the bath, London, Instagram, The Stars, Sci-Fi Films, Motion City Soundtrack, Tattoos, Music, Posh Make-Up, Cuddles, Back to the Future, The Matches, Family Walks in the Forest, Shopping, My Birthday, GHD Curls, The Goonies, Smell of Chanel No 5, Maroon 5, Gadgets, ITunes, Fresh Sheets, My TV, Indian Takeaway, Lie-Ins, Quiet Moments, Blink 182, Holidays, Sofa Time, Finding an amazing new book series, Sausage Sandwiches (with plenty of ketchup), Time Off From Work, Watching my husband and son playing, Sunsets, Disneyland, Scrivener, Ah-ha Moments, Bon Jovi, Apple Juice, Computers, Friends (TV Show), Dancing, Home, Kisses, Elephants, Presents, Fiji, Cinema, Playlists, Orangutans, Star Wars, Jared Leto, Pizza, Friday Evenings, Creativity, Dolphins, My Engagement Ring, Sunny Days, New Zealand, Pretty Stationary, Marvel Universe, Our Health, Birthday Cake, Watching my son grow, Russell Brand Podcasts, Whales, Travel, Christmas, Space, Canada, Laughing, NHS, New York, Handbags.