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A bad habit of mine is beginning several different projects/chores at the same time resulting in a lot of unfinished tasks. Writing is no different but it’s a habit I am trying to work on. This means I currently have several writing projects in varying stages of completion but seeing as it could be a while before many of them see the light of day, here is the latest:

Encounter Series:

Alliance: Release date 2nd Jan 2018. Available for pre-order now Current WIP – out Autumn 2017 – sign up to my mailing list or follow me on social media for updates.

Dark Fire Series

Currently a demon hunter/paranormal trilogy but could easily turn into more. Romance, action and a whole lot of demon ass-kicking. ETA – 2018

The first few (unedited) chapters of book 1 Retribution are on Wattpad. Check them out here.

Second Apocalypse Series

Dystopian/Apocalyptic Demon hunter series – cross over with Dark Fire. Series of eight episodes/novellas to be released every week. (Think TV series in book form!) ETA – 2018

Encounter Series

I currently have six books planned for the Encounter Series (but it started off as a trilogy so who knows!) and I have also started outlining a spin off series. There is more information on this in my post, Encounter Series – The Plan.