Deleted Scene – This scene came after Sadie’s House and before Daisy was kidnapped. In fact, the phone call Jack gets was supposed to be from Callan, who had set up a distraction for Jack, to make sure he wasn’t around when he helped Dray take Daisy.

In the end the scene was deleted because as much as I love a bit of Jack and Eliza alone time, Contact is a long book and I didn’t really feel it was essential to move the story along.

Jack texted me during my second class. It was all arranged, he was leaving for Mexico early the next morning. Keen to get the Orb out of Burnt Oak and as far away from Dray’s clutches as possible, but not wanting to be separated, the air was charged when we snuck back to Ridgewood after lunch.
“Finally we’re alone,” I said, as I followed Jack in to the kitchen. “And if I remember rightly you promised me mind blowing?“
“You’re right I did.” He turned around and with a devilish grin he backed me up against the kitchen wall, hands resting either side of my head, caging me in with this body. He leaned in, so close, his lips almost brushed mine. “And I always keep my promises.” His eyes gleamed as he spoke.
I moved forwards and touched my lips to his. Gently at first, then gathering pace as his tongue entwined with mine, the heavy weight of his body pressed against me. As usual, our kisses went from nought to sixty in ten seconds flat, and in less time than it takes to say, ‘falling fast,’ our coats were discarded in a heap on the floor. I moaned Jack’s name into his ear as his hands moved underneath my top, his warm fingers sliding around my waist.
Lifted me up by my hips I wound my legs around his waist, pulling him closer as he carried me to the counter, sitting me on the worktop.
“Oh God,” I groaned, arching my back and tipping my head back as Jack pressed his lips to my neck. I could barely contain myself. His touch, the feel of his skin under my fingertips, his intoxicating scent. I wanted him so badly I could hardly breathe.
He raised his head and my heart leapt. His eyes were glowing, a soft silvery grey. He looked so beautiful it left me breathless.
“Upstairs?” he asked his voice a low whisper.
“Yes.” I had never wanted anything more.
He stared at me, eyes burning brighter. I felt so exposed, like he could see deep inside of me and there was nowhere to hide. I had never felt so vulnerable in my entire life but at the same time it was exhilarating, sharing this with him.
He kissed me again, more urgently this time. I tugged his t-shirt up, running my fingers across the hard, flat muscles of his stomach.
At exactly the same time, his jeans pocket started vibrating and Enter the Sandman by Metallica blared out. I gritted my teeth. Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone as much as the next person but they really need to be throw out of the window at times.
Jack pulled back. He looked torn.
“It could be important,” I said, pulling his t-shirt back down.
“It better be,” he growled. Sucking in a breath he turned away from me to answer it.
“Yeah?” His tone didn’t disguise the same exasperation I was feeling. As he listened, I watched his expression change from irritation to intrigue.
“Eliza, I am so sorry but I’ve gotta go,” he said when he’d finished the call.
“Right now? What’s going on?”
“I know. It’s the worst timing,” he kissed my forehead. “And this,” he said, gesturing between us with a killer smile. “Is to be continued…”
With that he switched to business mode. “You wanna stay here or do you want a lift home?”
“Jack, what’s going on?”
He studied my face for a moment, as if trying to decide whether or not to tell me. “An Equinox Agent has followed one of Dray’s guys to a house just outside of town. He needs help to take him out.”
Pulling his coat back on he grabbed his keys from the worktop. “Lift or not?”
“Lift,” I said hopping down from the counter and reluctantly picking up my coat from the floor.
“What do you mean ‘take him out’? Are you going to kill him?” I asked, a tremor of fear creeping into my voice, as he lead me out of the house. I knew they were fighting a war but the thought of him seeking someone out and taking their life was different kettle of fish altogether.
“No, we bag ‘em, Equinox tag ‘em and ship them off back to Andronia, but I hope he puts up a fight because I could do with a good brawl.”
“What? I need to do something to work off this frustration.”
I sat back in my seat and stared out of the window. I couldn’t believe that if he hadn’t taken that call we might have been in his bed right now… oh who was I kidding? We’d one hundred percent be in his bed right now! Just the thought sent my pulse rocketing and I had to take a few breaths to compose myself.
“Will you meet me later?”
“I have to pick up Daisy from school. You can come if you want? I’d love for you to meet her properly.”
Jack shot me a glance. “I would really like that.”
A fuzzy glow warmed my insides. “Be warned you may have to play princesses with us.”
He grinned. “No worries. I make a great Prince Charming.”
I wrinkled my nose. ”Yeah, I was thinking more like Cinderella.”
He shrugged. “That’s alright, I look awesome in a tiara.”
We arrived at my house and I leaned in, giving Jack a lingering kiss. Before getting out, I stroked his cheek. “Be careful.”
He flashed me a cocky smile. “Always.”

I spent the afternoon studying, exchanging texts with Amy and Tasha and daydreaming about Jack. I caught myself smiling at the stupidest things and there was a light, tingly feeling inside me.
If I’d have known what was to come I would have savoured that feeling. Of happiness. Of serenity. I would have basked in the euphoric feeling you get when you are on the brink of falling in love.
But I didn’t know. I had no idea.