Interview – Eliza & Jack (Encounter)

Questions adapted from

Warning – Contains spoilers for Contact and Equinox

1. How did you meet?

Eliza: Jack was a new student at my school last year.

Jack: I’d already been following her around a bit before that, but yeah, we officially met at school.

Eliza: That sounds so creepy! Do you want to elaborate?

Jack: Oh yeah, sure. *Deadpan* I was watching Eliza without her knowledge because I am a stalker.

Eliza: *Laughing* Jack!

Jack: *Laughs*

2. What were your first impressions?

Eliza: Obviously, I thought he was gorgeous–I have eyes. *Sees Jack’s smug grin* But when I first spoke to him I thought he was arrogant.   

Jack: Hey! *Laughing* When I first saw Eliza she was dancing on a table with a bottle of vodka in her hand–so yeah, I thought she was crazy.

Eliza: *Covers face with her hands* But then you got to know me and…

Jack: And I found you infuriating because you were so goddamn independent and you refused to listen to a thing I said. Still don’t, actually.

Eliza: *Elbows Jack*

3. When did you realize you were attracted to the other, and how did you deal with it?

Eliza: Deny, deny, deny. Major denial from me.

Jack: Right from the start?

Eliza: No, I didn’t like you at the start. I just said I thought you were arrogant. But a lot of that was down to the circumstances I suppose.

Jack: You can think someone’s arrogant and still find them attractive. Don’t look at me like that! You can!

Eliza: As I got to know him the attraction grew but if I had to pinpoint it, I think it was when he left town.

Jack: *Laughs* Ouch. When I left?

Eliza: Because I missed you.

Jack: I was attracted to Eliza from the time I first met her but those feelings were overshadowed because we clashed a lot and she spent most of the time either yelling at me or being difficult.

Eliza: *Smiles* True.

4. When was the first temptation to kiss? When did you actually kiss?

Eliza: It took me by surprise when he kissed me.  

Jack: It did? I’m lucky I didn’t get a punch in the face then! There were plenty of times when I was tempted to kiss her, but it was usually when we were arguing so I knew better than to act on it. Then, I really would get a punch in the face!

5. At what point did you realise you might be in love?

Eliza: *Blushes* Once we got together I pretty much knew I was headed that way.

Jack: Same. We clicked and I knew it wasn’t like anything I had ever felt before.

Eliza: But we still went through a whole load of drama before we were finally honest with each other.

6. How do you spend time together usually?

Jack: Normally trying to sneak some time alone.

Eliza: If we get time, we usually just hang out at Ridgewood, Jack’s place.

7. What are your individual goals?

Eliza: Right now, I’m just concentrating on trying to pass my exams but, in the future, I’d like to go to uni and study to become a teacher. And I would also like to travel. Being born and raised in a small town like Burnt Oak has made me want to see more of the world, further than that even…

Jack: *Shrugs* I’m a ‘go with the flow’ kinda guy. My main goal is simply to be happy – and to make sure Eliza and our families are happy and safe.

Eliza: You included my family in that?

Jack: *Smiles* I was talking about Daisy. As for the rest of them–

Eliza: Yeah, okay, we don’t need to elaborate on that.

8. What are your common goals?

Jack: Be honest with each other and not to make assumptions about what is best for the other.

Eliza: And make time to enjoy ourselves.

Jack: I like that one.

9. Who is more grounded?

Jack: Eliza. She can be fiery and we both react, but I tend to go off at the deep end more. Eliza’s situation at home meant she had to grow up fast. She has to be responsible, for Daisy’s sake.

10. What values do you both share?

Eliza: We both value loyalty and compassion.

11. Who takes more responsibility for their actions?

Jack: Eliza. *Sighs* I’m not coming off great in this, am I?

Eliza: That’s the problem with dating someone as amazing as me! *Pats his leg and laughs* Seriously though, we both make mistakes but I think we both try to own them.

12. Who is usually more ready to give in and compromise?

Eliza: Neither of us give in very easily.

13. At home, how do you handle dividing up chores and household duties?

Jack: We don’t live together so it’s not really an issue, but we’re fairly equal. If Eliza is over and I make dinner then she’ll wash up, that sort of thing.

14. What do you find most physically attractive about the other?

Eliza: His eyes. He had the most expressive eyes I have ever known. They’re just beautiful.

Jack: *Grins* Mood eyes, right?

Eliza: *Smiles* That’s right.

Jack: For me it’s her butt.

Eliza: Oh my God! You can’t say that!

Jack: *Laughing* Why not? You do all that running, it’d be a shame not to appreciate it.

Eliza: Next question please.

15.What do you find most mentally attractive about each other?

Jack: I am constantly in awe of her strength and resilience.

Eliza: *Looks at Jack dreamily* Right back at you. We have both been through a lot and I think we recognised that on some level.  

16. How do you think the other is unique?

Eliza: Jack is unique for obvious reasons, but I have never known anyone so honest, especially considering how many secrets he has to keep. I know I’m biased, but he’s a very special person.

Jack: Aww thanks babe. Eliza has determination like no one else on Earth. It’s robotic-like. You’d have to be a complete idiot to get in her way once she’s put her mind to something.

Eliza: Hey! You get honest and special – and I get robot?

Jack: A hot robot…? Okay, so it kind of came out wrong but trust me, it’s a good thing. Mostly.

17. What might you like to change about the other?

Jack: That’s a trick question, right? Nothing.

Eliza: Nope, nothing.

18. How did each of you come to trust the other?

Jack: I’m not someone who trust’s easily but I could tell Eliza was a loyal person from the get go. As I got to know her I realised that she was on our side even if she was yelling at me.

Eliza: He was protecting me against a world I had no idea existed so I had no choice other than to trust him – but I try to follow my instincts and my instincts told me I was doing the right thing.

19. Do you ever get jealous?

Jack: Nope.

Eliza: *Wide eyed* You liar! You were not happy about Riley and you bring up Dane all the time.

Jack: I just like to remind how much better you have it now. And Riley… okay fine, I’ll admit to Riley but there were mitigating circumstances.

Eliza: Which were?

Jack: He was shady. My instincts were right but I didn’t read it right at first because we were broken up and I was upset.

Eliza: I try not to be jealous but sometimes it gets the better of me. I’m kind of used to girls ogling him now. He thinks it’s funny which winds me up.

Jack: I just think it’s crazy that you could think for a second that I’d be interested in anyone except you.

Eliza: *Smiles* Then he says something sweet like that and gets back into my good books again.

20. What are the most difficult situations you’ve faced together so far, how did you overcome them?

Jack: We’ve had more difficult situations than not. Dray, Clark, Thesulia Prime, Riley, take your pick. It’s normal life for us. My mistake was not including her and trying to deal with things on my own.

Eliza: We’re a team from now on.

Jack: Absolutely.

21. What are your best memories together? What are your worst?

Jack: A lot of my best memories aren’t ones I can talk about in polite company.

Eliza: *Rolls eyes* Jack.

Jack: What? That’s my honest answer – but a good PG rated memory is when we had our first date at the movies. Not the film though, the film was awful.

Eliza: It was a sweet romance. There are other film genres except action y’know.

Jack: The film sucked and, unfortunately, we bumped into Dane and Amy afterwards but I still loved that it was us, acting like a normal couple. Those are my favourite times with you. So, next time, if we watch an action or a sci-fi film next time, just us two–that’d be a perfect date.

Eliza: One of mine is when we had our heart-to-heart in London. Don’t get me wrong it was a painful, emotional night, but I felt so connected to him. I’d never felt that close to someone before. I really value that he trusted me enough to open up to me.

Another time was when we connected, to help Jack heal, that was pretty amazing. A very… erm, unique experience.

Jack: *Holding back laughter* Yep. Being with me is definitely a ‘unique experience.’

Eliza: One of my worst is when Darcy and I saw Jack at Meadow View. He was so cold, not anything like how I know him.

Jack: Yeah, any interaction we had whilst we were split up was not something I want to remember. Neither is watching her dance with Riley at the Charity Ball. That was a ‘rip your guts out’ type of moment.

Eliza: Oh, and listening to Jack flirt with Sadie while we were looking for the Orb of Tealon. Even though I knew he was pretending, that was not fun.

22. When was a moment you felt proud of the other?

Jack: Seeing Eliza confront Clark, after everything, and come to Freddie’s rescue was badass.

Eliza: I was proud of Jack for speaking to Callan calmly and not killing him.

Jack: That was good of me, wasn’t it?

Eliza: I thought so.

23. How do you deal with differing opinions?

Jack: We fight.

Eliza: *Nudges Jack* We talk. *Thinks* Yeah okay, it usually ends up in an argument.

Jack: But then we sort it out and we make up. *Grins*

24. What sort of things do you get into fights over?

Jack: Days of the week, black is white, what to have for dinner… *Gets a glare from Eliza and chuckles* I’m kidding!

Eliza: We’re not that bad. One of us is usually being stubborn about something which pisses the other one off.

25. How do you reconcile after arguments?

Jack: *Gives a knowing glance*

Eliza: *Blushes*

26. How honest are you with each other?

Eliza: We are completely honest with each other. *Looks at Jack* Right?

Jack: Yes! And for the record if in the past that hadn’t been the case then it was done with the best intentions for her own good.

Eliza: But from now on we work things out together.

27. How do you compromise?

Jack: We do what Eliza wants. *Grins*

28. Are you in tune to each other’s feelings?

Jack: Absolutely. Like right now I know that I am going to be in big trouble after this interview.

Eliza: *Bursts out laughing*

29. Have you discussed the future? What are your plans?

Jack: *Takes Eliza’s hand* Not properly. We’re back together. Things are good, better than good.

Eliza: Things are wonderful.

30.Do you want children?

Eliza: I’m only 18, but someday, sure. *Looks at Jack with a smile who nods* We haven’t really spoken about it.

31. How many?

Jack: Shrugs* I wouldn’t plan a number. Life isn’t like that.

32. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Jack: Hell if I know. This is the first time I have ever wanted to stick around in the same place so who knows? Eliza will be a teacher and I’ll follow her about making sure no one messes with her.

Eliza: We need to find you a vocation. How about private detective?

Jack: Oh no, see what you’ve started? Remember what I said about the robot-like determination?

Eliza: *Give Jack a playful whack* Whatever we’re doing, I hope it’ll be together.

Jack: Too right!