Dark Fires Series

Retribution – Book 1

The first few chapters of Retribution (unedited) are on Wattpad, check them out here

Once I have finished Alliance (Encounter Series #3) Dark Fire is next, so there will be more updates soon.

Tia Scott’s life is blown apart when her family are murdered in what seems like a robbery gone

wrong. But before she can even begin to pick up the pieces, she is thrown into an underworld where demons, ghosts and all the monsters you were told as a kid, didn’t exist are in fact very, very real. Leaving her old life behind, Tia only has one purpose – retribution. cover-copy
Joel and Lucas Jackson have been fighting demons since they could walk. It’s what they do. When their latest case leads them to a girl whose mission for vengeance is going to get her killed, they agree to help Tia – one more dead demon is a result in their book.
But joining forces with Tia takes all three down a path none of them could predict and as their journey unfolds it becomes clear that this is a battle they might not be strong enough to survive. And if they do, will they make it out unscathed?